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Restore, Revive & Rejuvenate 

At O2 Wellness Center, we focus on the root of the problem. Our approach is solely based on recovering the body’s “ecosystem” so that it can re-balance itself. Stress is the main cause of illness.


Innovative inventions such as Xrays, CT-scans, DNA sequencing, these revolutionary advancements throughout history have shifted and challenged the new understandings of the body, its functions and improvements on the cellular level in the field of science and medicine. They become a reality, when composed of a logical and scientific-based mindset with a healthy organic results of “thinking outside the box” striving for perfection. 


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Lifestyle Choices and Goals

The goal in mind to transform our ability to recover, rebuild and improve our longevity has become an obsession. Changing the way we think about our health and recovery is no longer only based on exercise and diet choices. It I based on the tools assessing accordingly including the mindset to allowing the change in healing, empowering the optimal physical and psychological condition in a natural non-invasive way. 


Heart disease, obesity and diabetes are in the mainstream of growing, accepting them as a lifestyle choices. As we slowly adapt to a new healthy environment, by changing factors such as physical ability to recover, improving circulation, oxygen flow, hydrogen flow, diet, nutritional absorption, sleep patterns, stress (good and bad), interactions, acceptance, personal growth, we change the memory of our environment. By changing the environment and perception of information around us, we promote vitality, longevity and wellness. 

Restore, Revive & Rejuvenate 

It is crucial to combine different modalities including holistic as the body need both and  assessing accordingly the needs and wants to optimize long term results.  Blood circulation, delivery of oxygen and hydrogen for cellular nutrient absorption and stress,  is mainstream phenomena where we have only scratched a surface when it comes to successful rapid healing.  We offer non-invasive latest disruptive technologies, backed up by science combined with manual therapies at O2 Wellness Center successfully. 


The story of O2 Wellness Center, combining different modalities transitioning further into “New Age Medicine” is filled with happy, heathy families and interventions at its best. The ability to increase circulation, oxygen, hydrogen and mobility between the body systems is wellness.  


Reconnecting the lymphatic, cardiovascular, visceral, respiratory, digestive, integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, urinary, and reproductive systems is vitality. 


At O2 Wellness Center, years of research and studies, constant challenges between desire and feasibility, we have combined therapies and continue to create successful stories within communities. 

We create individual treatment plans, combining historical data and new comprehensive assessments and treatments successfully. 

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Ines Bosnjak

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner Health, Fitness & Wellness Coach

I'm a Wellness, Fitness an Health Coach,  Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, Frequency, Biofeedback, Quantum, PEMF and oxygen therapist. I am also a health blogger. You can find my blog and services on the Website, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook channels. 

I have always been intrigued in finding balance and helping people understand their strengths as well. Observing digestive issues (SIBO, food intolerances, Candida, etc), hormone imbalances,  relationship with food, diseases and personal relationships, I have been inspired by successful stories and educating clients and patients along the way!  

This ambitious continuum, has led me to ask questions, create protocols and treat the body as one unit psychologically and physically. By improving myself daily and facilitating transfer my knowledge onto others, I have been thankful to have changed many lives thus far. I see clients from all over the world virtually or in person, contributing to their physical and emotional growth. I specialize in digestive issues, disorders eating habits and body image and mental health. I also specialize in pain, craniosacral, visceral, stress management and lifestyle changes. My calm demeanour and understanding stress and balance, identifies different categories starting from myself and my core values. My practise is solely based on respect and acceptance, harmony within including the environment one lives in. I also use detailed electronic scientifically proven assessments, that are solely based on data to identify physical and psychological stressors and balancers such as emotional triggers, anxiety, depression, allergens, hormones, bacteria, viruses, environmental stressors etc. 

Nguher adzua

Registered Massage Therapist

I have been working as RMT for 14 years. I have always looked to improve myself and my skill sets. In addition to RMT, I am studying to become a Manual Osteopathic Practitioner using Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release for the whole body. I am also a Reiki level I certified practitioner.


I have a passion for learning and I’m always adding the osteopathic principles and techniques to my treatments. My goal is to improve my clients standard of living and optimize the body so it can heal itself.

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