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We focus on the root of the problem. Our approach is solely based on building the body’s “ecosystem”. Because we value your and our time, we constantly evolve with improve our methods in prevention medicine achieving results eery time.

We thrive on mentoring individuals, re-creating cellular memory and storing vitality behaviour while rebuilding. We offer BioGeometry consultations (lifestyle, environment, personal and corporate), Breathwork sessions, Osteopathic Therapy (v/p), CranioSacral Therapy (v/p), Registered Massage Therapy, Quantum Assessment and Therapy (v/p), Past Life Regression (v/p), Family Castellations (v/p) and Holistic Nutritional Consultation based on Holistic and/or Ayurvedic Principles (v/p).  


Innovative inventions for instant screen imaging of the body systems, such as Xrays, CT-scans, DNA sequencing, revolutionary advancements throughout history, have shifted and challenged the new understandings of the body, its functions and improvements on the cellular level. However, the bio resonance or the "software", the language between these body systems and coherence translating its "Warnings" has not been optimized globally. This is where prevention takes place. 


Changing the language of the brain communication and placement of the neurone, reviving the energy and quality component of the cells is the key in anti-aging and building resilience.

v*- virtual therapy

p*- in person therapy

Meditation by the Sea


Lifestyle Choices and Goals

"Most people are only the thermometer of their own life… letting the outside world control the temperature and simply reacting.

This might seem easier now… but what does it cost you long term?"  Tony Robbins

We will use holistic approach to identify the emotional and physical challenges perhaps pushing you in direction of anxiety, depression, lack of nutritional absorption or sleep or simply lack of the ability to enjoy this life the way you imaged it to be. 

The lack of activating specific enzymes, proteins, metabolism, differentiating different fats, regulating sugar breakdowns and amino acid production, all play enormous role in healthy gut. The gut controls the heart and the brain. 

Choose from individual or group sessions, in person or virtual.  

BREATHWORK "The powerhouse of the cell".

  • Personal Growth & Empowerment

  • Enhanced Meditations

  • Restorative Sleep and Stress Reduction

  • Increased Creativity

  • Experiencing Transcendental States

  • Transformational Journeys 



For most people meditations and the development of awareness in general can take many years of disciplined effort. Every person will walk away with an experience every time post each one of our sessions.  Breathwork is composed of conscious breathing methods directing awareness to inhalations and exhalations. We offer two different types of Breathwork: Rhythmic and Synchronized. Rhythmic Breathwork involves four particular techniques of breathing guided by the facilitator at different intervals, while Synchronized Breathwork is composed of specific octaves, tones, frequencies, instruments and vocals balancing the left and right hemisphere of the brain through vibrations created in the cells and tissues during the breathing. 


 These methods are observed moving stagnating energies in the body similar to physical exercise, optimizing oxygen and hydrogen intake which critical for mitochondria's Kreb cycle. As the body uses up more energy, it forces itself to produce more mitochondria aka "The powerhouse of the cell" to keep up with demand.


What is mitochondria you may ask? Simply explained, they make most of the cell's supply of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a molecule that cells use as source of energy. 

Conscious breathing practices is said to influence a person's mental, emotional and physical state, with a claimed therapeutic effect. It is believed that breathwork may be helpful in strengthening body functions, relaxation, libido and decreasing insomnia, anxiety, depression and stress.


There are several Institutes all over the world involved in consciousness research. Having successfully developed a revolutionary technology enabling the safe and controlled alteration of human brain waves, the Institutes have helped thousands of people around the world access profound states of relaxation and expanded awareness. This makes possible the coherent balancing of both hemispheres of the brain into a synchronized harmony of whole-brain thinking. 

 Healthy Fruit Salad
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Inès Bosnjak
Osteopathic MP | Quantum Therapist | Mentor BioGeometry Consultant | Breathwork Facilitator |

“Greatest source of pain and pleasure, is your life” is one of my favourite quotes!

To grow spiritually, emotionally and intellectually, awareness is the key.  Consciously making an effort is challenging if the priorities have been misplaced. What intrigues me is the passion that I live gratefully witnessing the shifts of the impossible. The change and success authentically giving you and your lifestyle a voice attributing only to vitality and censorship.  Successful stories written and felt, contributing through mentorship and clear focus approach to life itself. Placing new set of lenses and surprisingly achievements taking less effort, delivering profound results.


Years of constant improvement and evolvement has strengthen my authenticity to thrive further and grow with each one of my patients and clients. Just few areas of improvement heighten by my clients will be the base of your already perhaps successful lifestyle or lack of, highlighting achievements underneath the surface growing healthier emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically, psychologically and intellectually. 


My focus and loyalty is with prevention. My clients feel the change, comment on positive and negative experiences along the way, helping them shift away from the old patterns. Gaining deeper understanding of self achieving personal and professional goals, every single time!  Pain and fear running side by side. Learn commitment, distressing, rebuilding and empowering by repetition, creating healthy patterns daily. 

Passion is not enough, you need tools allowing silence and execution in your daily practices. My experience and success is defined by self love, respect, discipline, repetition and owning who I AM. As an influencer, I believe comprehensive assessments are keys to a roadmap when it comes to building vitality and "fountain of youth". Stressors and their position within the body systems, speak a story of root issues on the physical and emotional level. Most of the time we do not pay attention early enough. 

Nguher Adzua

Registered Massage Therapist

I have been working as RMT for 14 years. I have always looked to improve myself and my skill sets. In addition to RMT, I am studying to become a Osteopathic Manual Practitioner using Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release for the whole body. I am also a Reiki level I certified practitioner.


I have a passion for learning and I’m always adding the osteopathic principles and techniques to my treatments. My goal is to improve my clients standard of living and optimize the body so it can heal itself.