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Restore, Revive & Rejuvenate 

At O2 Wellness Center, we focus on the root of the problem. Our approach is solely based on recovering the body’s “ecosystem” so that it can re-balance itself. Stress is the main cause of illness. We have positive and negative stress. 


Innovative inventions for instant screen imaging of the body systems, such as Xrays, CT-scans, DNA sequencing, revolutionary advancements throughout history, have shifted and challenged the new understandings of the body, its functions and improvements on the cellular level. However, the bio resonance or the "software", the language between these body systems and coherence translating its "Warnings" has not been optimized globally. This is where prevention takes place. 

To draw on new focus to better understand the leadership style and potential, we thrive on rebuilding, directing using our comprehensive assessment tools to not just correct but prevent the negative markers identified to build towards vitality. Changing the language of the brain communication and placement of the neurone, reviving the energy and quality component of the cells is the key in anti-aging and building resilience.

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Lifestyle Choices and Goals

"Most people are only the thermometer of their own life… letting the outside world control the temperature and simply reacting.

This might seem easier now… but what does it cost you long term?"  Tony Robbins

Are you ready to own your future and set higher goals for yourself, if we make a commitment together? Choose from individual or group sessions, in person or virtual, online or in person! 

Changing the way we think about our health and recovery is no longer only based on exercise and diet choices. The physical body will only thrive if it has both physical and mental environment where it can expand in synchronicity. Our natural non-invasive way is based on identifying your environment now, converting negative, individual markers that promote inflammation. The lack of movement in general, enzymes, proteins, fats, sugar breakdowns and amino acid production all play enormous role in healthy gut. The gut controls that heart and the brain. 

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Restore, Revive & Rejuvenate 

It is crucial to combine different modalities to succeed in therapies, depending  the initial findings.  Circulation, lymphatic drainage, oxygen and hydrogen all play a huge role in the cellular functions.  At O2 Wellness Center, we offer non-invasive latest disruptive technologies, backed up by science, combined with manual therapies. 


The story of O2 Wellness Center, combining different modalities transitioning further into “New Age Medicine” is filled with happy, heathy families and interventions at its best. The ability to increase circulation, oxygen, hydrogen and mobility between the body systems is wellness. 

Reconnecting different systems such as lymphatic, cardiovascular, visceral, respiratory, digestive, integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, urinary and reproductive systems is vitality. 

The success in reviewing historical data and comparing it with the new comprehensive assessments, the suggestions assigned specifically for you will remove stress and replace it with healthy habits. 

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Inès Bosnjak
Osteopathic MP
Integrative Health Practitioner
Health, Fitness and Wellness Coach

Wellness. Vitality. Vision. Mentorship.

new mindset. new results.

“Greatest source of pain and pleasure, is your life” is one of my favourite quotes!

I make 'life’ happen by adding healthy experiences to it! I do believe life is a dance between increasing desire and decreasing fear. 

When WAS the last time you had a pain free, relaxing day?

When was the last time you had constant nights of restful sleep, woke up rested, full of ambition carrying out tasks and enjoyed your day to the fullest? 

What does happiness mean to you? What does success mean to you? 

How important are your goals, needs, motivation and healthy mindset? 

If your life does not work for you, you need to change that environment and shift your mindset to adapt new beliefs and eliminate old ones. 

If you can grow spiritually, emotionally and intellectually, would you choose to learn and change, or continue living in the pain? I add value to your life, by bringing you to that optimal peak state where you will improve your energy and build yourself daily.  I create successful stories by being authenticity, innovation, constant improvement and teaching how to create more physical movement.


My clients feel the change, comment on positive and negative experiences along the way, helping them shift away from the old patterns and feeling new healthy environment they are building. Gaining deeper understanding of self achieving personal and professional goals, every single time!  


Pain and fear run side by side, identify these two triggers individually. Learn commitment, distressing, rebuilding and empowering by repetition, creating healthy patterns daily. 

Passion is not enough, you need tools allowing silence and execution in your daily practices. My experience and success is defined by discipline, repetition and owning who I AM. As an influencer, I believe comprehensive assessments are keys to roadmap when it comes to proper healing. Stressors and their position within the body systems, speak a story of root issues and biofeedback created on the physical and emotional level communicating as pain. Most of the time we do not pay attention early enough. 

Nguher Adzua

Registered Massage Therapist

I have been working as RMT for 14 years. I have always looked to improve myself and my skill sets. In addition to RMT, I am studying to become a Osteopathic Manual Practitioner using Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release for the whole body. I am also a Reiki level I certified practitioner.


I have a passion for learning and I’m always adding the osteopathic principles and techniques to my treatments. My goal is to improve my clients standard of living and optimize the body so it can heal itself.