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Someone will control where your life goes from here.. shouldn't it be you?

IS achieving your optimal health and happiness solely based on the physical strength and appearance?

IS the key to vitality built on 'healthy' nutritious foods and balanced diet?

IS the lack in motivation, habits, perceptions, thoughts, fear, stress, anger, frustration keeping you in the past or fast forwarding into future? 

Empower new you, identifying the old triggers and patterns, justifying the old behaviours and giving them voice addressing the old pains. We offer consulting or guidance in the group or individual setting.   


We will teach you how to remove the old, successfully by creating new practices and daily goals tailored to you!  

We can assist in transcending the old pain into new joy. 

In order to prime your brain to create new future, you will need to take ownership for what IS happening now. Are you ready? 

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Your body speaks, listen to it!

Jean-Paul Barral (father of Osteopathy) 

Osteopathic Manual Practitioners focus on rebuilding, strengthening and empowering the body to do what it is designed to do.

Identifying the core of disorders creates a successful blueprint, achieving optimal movement and energy flow consistently.  

Osteopathic therapy varies depending on the root cause of the problem in the physical body and the mind of the person.


Personal habits, beliefs and old behaviours including emotional and physical stress, have a large impact on perceived environment, the recovery and optimal health in general. 


We offer:

  • Structural Therapy 

  • Classical Therapy

  • Cranial Therapy

  • Visceral Therapy 

We treat the mind and the body as one unit with dysfunction in mind that builts usually overtime.

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Tomorrow's medicine today

Quantum testing is the most advanced system of therapy available in energetic medicine. It combines all applications of Biofeedback and operates through a unique medical software, which is the largest in its field to date. It is a safe, non-invasive, powerful bio-feedback device that stimulates the tremendous self-healing capacity of the body through stress detection and reduction. The stress of living in today’s environmentally complicated world can lead to many pressures upon the body system.

The quantum therapy is an extraordinary system that can help balance and correct the over-stressed body system through stress reduction in pathogens, viruses, bacteria and emotional disturbances. Many athletes have used quantum therapy in recovery and optimization of speedy recovery on cellular level such as  Novak Djokovic. 

Important: the device does not substitute medical treatment (screening), it is used as a complementary training, and medical knowledge is also required to its use. The device is used for biofeedback only. 


Various stresses such as pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi etc), toxins, traumas, nutrient deficiencies, allergies, hereditary disorders, mental factors and perverse energies create dysfunctions in the body. They often result in a lowered immune system, chronic pain, low performance, disease, depression, insomnia and emotional ups and downs. Registered massage therapist's ability to stimulate and remove toxins stagnated in the lymphatic systems depends on the skills and ifeedback obtained from the tissue during the treatment. One's environment plays a huge part in this role. Our therapies such as lymphatic drainage, sports or relaxing should be a routine practice for elimination of toxins. Self Care is body's own way to protect and heal itself. 

**Insurance receipt provided. 

Reiki Treatment


Energy, Beauty,

Wellness and Science

The Crystal Bed has 7 extremely clear, highly polished Vogel cut quartz crystals tuned specifically to its frequency to balance the meridians. Its function is solely based on scientifically measured frequencies to unblock and optimize energy flow in the body. Its speed and light technologies ensure same results every time.

The speed of the lights shining through the crystals depends on the modality. 

Similar to other therapies such as acupuncture, osteopathy or massage, the goal is to remove blockages and rebalance the body so that it can heal itself.

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“Your thoughts can have an affect on your brain, habits, life, happiness and your true potential”

Dr. Joe Dispenza


Learn how to move your body and mind in synchronicity and achieve your true potential. Establish heart to brain connection for optimal long term happiness. 

We will help you identify current triggers and achieve what is important to you. Shifting into new habits, perceptions and daily motivations using old pains, learning and moving forward. 



O3 Wellness Systems on site, offer wide variety of therapies all in one unit over 30min sessions! Ozone or Oxygen therapy protocols vary depending on the stimulation needed for optimal performance.  

Combining oxygen therapy, with other therapies such as osteopathy or lymphatic drainage results in scientific proven balanced central and autonomic nervous system.

Modulate inflammation, build resilience, enhance athletic performance, speed up recovery, increase enzymes & proteins.  

Choose from individual passes or packages of 10, to utilize the 10 different powerful modules, all built into one system! 

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"A health solution used in space" Read more..

According to clinical research from German in the1950's, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), soon emerged as one of the best means of repairing non-union bone fractures and isolation from these fields greatly affected human mental and physical health negatively. 


Why is this relevant to the rest of us? Since then, research shows we are all experiencing a sharp reduction in these healthy ranges of frequency fields impacting our health and wellbeing resulting in fatigue, insomnia, depression, anxiety and more.


Enjoy a 30min of PEMF simultaneously with oxygen therapy in one of our O3 Wellness Systems or separately on the mat.