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(Visceral, cRANIOsACRAL)

(VIRTUAL or in Person)

Your body speaks, listen to it

Jean-Paul Barral 

Helping people change their lives and build new habits has been rewarding. 

Witnessing change in energy, ambition, the pains, happiness, failures, tears, joy, motivation and hope motivates me daily! 

Removing physical and motional pains with movement, stamina and new focus is the key! 

If you are ready, we are here to help!   


Enjoy a lymphatic drainage, sports or relaxing style massage in a relaxing environment.


Massage therapies combined with osteopathic modalities promote  

deeper tissue release and rapid recovery.

O2 Wellness Systems with modulated steam, oxygen, pulsed magnetic field and ultraviolet therapy

execute beyond imagination

rebuilding and restoring

body systems.   


*Insurance receipt provided. 


Quantum Therapy

(Virtual or in Person)

Leverage technological benefits

of quantum therapy. 

Address the emotional

and physical pains.

Identify and treat and prevent on the cellular level.

Bring nutrition, hydration and oxygen into cells

 and strengthen the body systems.


Scientifically measured tangable success,  resulting in vitality, happiness and guaranteed results.  

ozone therapy

The O2 Wellness System chambers, modulate

 inflammation in the body.


Enhance athletic performance,

speed up recovery,

increase enzymes & proteins 

 and eliminate pain. 

Combine oxygen therapy  

with osteopathy

or lymphatic drainage

for maximum results.

Reiki Treatment

Crystal bed light therapy 


Energy, Beauty, Wellness and Science. 

The Crystal Bed has 7 extremely clear, highly polished Vogel cut quartz crystals tuned specifically to its frequency. Its function and purpose to unblock and stimulate specific points in the body using speed and light technologies.

The speed of the lights shining through the crystals depends on the modality. Crystals are suspended approximately 12 inches above the client, lying on a massage table.

Similar to other therapies such as acupuncture, osteopathy or massage, the goal is to remove blockages and rebalance the body so that it can heal itself.

Sandy Beach



Successful relationships demand innovations, excitement, presence, contribution and resilience. 

Energy is movement, regardless of its outcome.

Focusing on what we can control and encouraging positive outcomes is daily practise.


Learn how to move your body and mind in synchronicity and achieve your true potential.


We will help you identify what is important to you, build new action plan with focus, habits and motivation. 


pulsed mAGnENTIC Field thERAPY

Magnetic Field therapy is used to rebuild tissue, muscle and bones, reduce inflammation, thin the blood and improve overall the circulation.

Pulsing through clustered cells, magnetic field therapy removes toxins and improves oxygen flow.

Woman with Hand on Face

Osteopathic Therapy (Continued)

If you can grow spiritually, emotionally and intellectually, would you? If you wish to remove your pains, would you choose to learn and change or continue living in those pains?

We will teach you how to learn about commitment, distressing, rebuilding and empowering yourself by repetition, daily. Passion is not enough, you need tools allowing silence and execution in your daily practices.

Our experience and success is defined by discipline and takin ownership.  

We add value to your life, by bringing you into the optimal peak state where you will remove pain, improve your energy and build yourself!


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